Here at Community Covenant Church of Clear Lake, we offer a wide range opportunities for you and your family to be connected.

Children are “precious in His sight”, and in ours as well.  That is why we offer children the opportunity to learn about and share God’s love in the following ways:

  • Vacation Bible School–usually a week in the middle of the summer
  • …as well as special services and singing opportunities throughout the year. 

Small Groups
The Bible states that humanity was created to be in relationship, not to be alone, living in isolation.  In other words, God designed us to be connected with one another.

At Community Covenant Church this happens in a variety of ways. We meet weekly on Sunday mornings for worship, daily through emails, phone calls and Facebook, and regularly in small groups.

Community Covenant believes small groups can play a role in finding and deepening friendships with others, and we’re committed to being a place where spiritual growth can happen as people are encouraged in their faith.

There are many small groups in the church, each one unique in number, age, type of study and times that they meet.  Yet a typical time of meeting looks like this:

  • gathering – a time of welcome
  • learning – a time of opening the Bible
  • sharing/reflecting – a time of making the Bible applicable to life
  • closing – a closing prayer and informal conversations until people need to go home.

Interested or have questions?

Dawn Clark:
Office Manager

We call what we do outside the church’s walls bearing fruit.  Just like a fruit tree was created to produce fruit, so too do we believe that a life following Jesus bears fruit.  A Jesus follower will make ripples, will be of encouragement, will bless and care for others.

This truth finds expression in both formal/structured ways and in very informal/unstructured ways.

Community Covenant Church has a dynamic and life giving food bank that blesses families 365 days a year with food.

Community Covenant Church also serves a weekly lunch to any Senior Aged person at noon each Wednesday.

Community Covenant Church supports Clear Lake Elementary School teachers and the firefighters at the Clear Lake Volunteer Fire Department with cookies and other goodies throughout the year.

These are just some of the many outreaches we have in the community.

In addition the people of Community Covenant Church work closely with the Clear Lake Connection group to provide a Progressive Thanksgiving Community meal, Caroling in Clear Lake at Christmas among other activities.

Just as Jesus spent time living his life outside of the “church” building, bringing the love of God wherever he went, so too do the people of CCC desire to do the same.