When you come to Community Covenant Church, chances are it won’t be long before you will hear someone talking about the “4 B’s”.  Whether it is up front on a Sunday morning, in a small group, or at the food bank, people who call Community Covenant Church home talk about the 4 B’s.

The 4 B’s stand for….

  • new Beginnings
  • Belonging
  • Building Up
  • Bearing Fruit

Community Covenant Church believes that a new Beginning in life can be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The people of the church desire to grow in their Belonging with God and with one another.

Believing that growth is part of any healthy relationship, we desire to Build Up one another in the faith, encouraging each other to learn and apply the Bible in our daily life.

Finally, we desire to Bear Fruit.  By this we mean that we desire to live out and embody the truth of the gospel by blessing others in tangible ways. The official mission statement of the church reads:

The mission of Community Covenant Church is to celebrate and participate in God’s loving initiative becoming a people who find new Beginnings in life through Christ, Belong to God and each other in Christ, Build up each other according to Christ, serving and growing in God’s truth and love, Bearing Fruit, dying to self and living in the Spirit for Christ, so that others too may find life in Him.