Founded in 1903 as a Congregational church, this congregation has had a ministry presence in Clear Lake and beyond for over 100 years.

Earlier in the century, Clear Lake was home to the largest sawmill on the West Coast and the town supported a hospital, hotels, two movie theaters, and a few taverns.  During that time, the church had a large and vital Sunday School ministry to children.

As the theology and practice of Congregational churches began to move away from their historic evangelical foundation, the church sought to affiliate with a more evangelical body. In 1948, the congregation joined the Evangelical Covenant Church and became Community Covenant Church of Clear Lake Washington.

Throughout the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, the church had both good and trying times.  In times of faith and unity the congregation grew in love and numbers of people.  In the early 1970’s, the congregation banded together to build our present sanctuary and in the early 1980’s our present Christian education wing.  By 1991, these were all paid for the church was able to burn the final mortgage on the facility.

During the 1990s the church experienced a slow but steady numerical growth. During this time the church began to call student interns to work with its children and youth.

Pastor Tim Hedberg became pastor in January of 2000.  Since his coming the church has emphasized a strong personal commitment to Jesus demonstrated in tangible ways to those within and outside of the church.  Members of the church have been encouraged to pursue their God-given talents so that the church can become an increasing presence of the Lord in the Clear Lake community. The church has a vital food basket ministry and has added numerous other “Bear Fruit” ministries that bless many throughout our community. Pastor Tim moved to a new position within the Covenant Conference in February 2016. In September 2017 we were excited to receive Nick Pringle as our new full time pastor.

In late March 2016, we had a fire at the church. God was looking out for us that day as the fire was early in the morning and no one was at the church. Thanks to good fire doors, the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary were saved but we lost the bathrooms and there was smoke damage to the CE wing. Construction started in early June and by late July, it was completed. Many heartfelt thanks went to the firefighters who came to save the church.

God has been faithful and is currently at work in the lives of the people who call CCC their home.  It is our desire to not simply rest contented in who God is, but to be alert and expectant to what He is calling us to do and be so that CCC continues to be a place where people in Clear Lake and the surrounding area be a place of new beginnings, belonging, building up and bearing fruit.